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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

DAY 13

Walked Sasha 30 mins.

Yesterday was kind of a "rest" day even though I worked out on "The Property" with my wife rolling up a cow fence. It was hot...really hot. We were out there for at least two hours plus. The "Old School" WW plan say's that if I do some yard work for an hour I get 5 points. I don't think I worked hard enough to get 10 additional points yesterday but I think I received at least 8. I had to count Saturday as a rest day and stay within my 26 points because today we're having lunch at my Mom's house since my cousin is in town. That means food that's not particularly on the recent meal plan. So, there's planning involved. We're also going out to dinner for a certain someone's birthday this week so I need to plan for that as well. Planning means this - watch what I'm eating, watch the points and get some exercise in this week even if it means getting my sorry butt out of the bed early to do it.

Photo's of yesterday's work on "The Property".
(Really worked the shoulders and arms on this one)

A storm's a comin'

Thought for the day: Exercise doesn't have to be in the gym, pumping iron or on a long run. You can work with your Father-in-Law in a cow field and get a pretty darn good workout.  Just be careful not to step on any barbed wire!

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